Electronic Dance Music has been growing at a very fast pace in the past few years in Poland and Event Production companies have raised the bar by booking some of the hottest and most popular Dj’s and Producers worldwide to play for the masses at local Clubs/Venues that are each week becoming better equipped to handle people’s demand for great sound, lighting and entertainment.

There are many venues to choose from in each city, but only a few have made a name for themselves in the EDM industry and scene with outstanding service to its customers and performers. Some of these top Clubs and Venues rated high in reviews and polls have moved far ahead of the competition and are all listed here so that the next time you are looking for a good EDM show you know just where to look and know where to go.

Most of these highly acclaimed places usually have their own website with weekly updated calendar of events so you can see where the next EDM superstar will be performing in your city.

Go out and support the scene by visiting some of these Clubs/Venues and you wont be disappointed!