Elrow Opening Party – Summer Of Love @Amnesia Ibiza, 3 June 2017


Elrow, famous for revolutionizing the world of night entertainment, and Amnesia, the legendary club of Ibiza, have announced that they are joining forces to take the 100% immersive and incredible performances by the Arnau family, to the club in Sant Antonio, representative of the essence and history of the island, every Saturday of the 2017 Summer season.

Throughout 18 nights, from June 3rd to September 30th 2017, both the main room and the terrace of Amnesia, famous for its spacious VIP areas and perfect for decoration and large stages, will be taken over by elrow. Their production team is already working on on the island to completely transform the room and take the audience to a totally unique and different environment during each show with their incredible sets and props, their street theatre performances, their animation team and their already well known showers of inflatable toys and confetti.

‘elrowcity’, Arnau’s latest concept that brings back the old formula “all night long”, which consists of a single internationally renowned artist on the decks in a setting based on their hometown, will take over the Main Room of the club, whilst the Terrace will be hosted by one of elrow’s thematic shows such as ‘From Lost to the River’, ‘Sambodromo do Brasil’, ‘Bollywood’, ‘Singermorning’, ‘Feria de Abril’, ‘Pychedelic Trip’, or ‘Rowlympic Games’ (Amnesia Ibiza).


Elrow Opening Party 

Main Room: Dubfire B2B ART DEPARTMENT

Terrace: Cuartero, Technasia, De la swing, George Privatti, Eddy M


Tickets: http://www.amnesia.es/allevents/10/en/music-on.html


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