Review of: Transmission 11 at O2 Arena in Prague – Presented by United Music on 11/19/11



All over the world there are many amazing events, but we have Transmission! People who were there know exactly what I mean. A beautiful city – Prague, a fantastic venue – O2 Arena and only trance music with fantastic DJs and fantastic people!!!! It was amazing!!!

Transmission took place on 19th November 2011 and it was organized by United Music Agency. Every year they always surprise me! Fantastic line-up, amazing laser show and other attractions made my night!!!

The party started at 8:00pm and ended at 6:00am. I must say that it was a beautiful 10 hour span because the event featured: Ferry Corsten, Michal Poliak, Gareth Emery, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond and John O`Callaghan.

The party started with Michal Poliak, one of the most expressive DJs of the Czech Republic dance scene. He was warming up the crowd with great tracks like “Metrum” by Fedde Le Grand, and “Tornado” by legendary DJ Tiesto and crazy DJ Steve Aoki. When I heard these tracks I had the feeling that I was at the right place at the right time! There were thousands of people around me who were dancing and jumping – it was priceless!

At 9:30pm it was time for the Great British DJ Gareth Emery. Everyone really excited to hear his set. As usual, he didn’t disappoint! Gareth played a lot of his fantastic tracks like: “Tokyo”, “Mansion” and “Sanctuary”. He also played the legendary “Kernkraft 400″ by Zombie Nation (Chris Schweizer Bootleg Mix). The next tracks were very climatic, which I really liked, like “Bamm” by Jochen Miller and “Calling” by Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso.

11 pm struck and behind the decks turned up one of my favorite DJs, Markus Schulz! He has a great connection with the audience. On this night he started and ended his set with “Digital Madness”, the official theme of Transmission 2011, which was bulls-eye for me. We heard “Katowice” (Mr. Pit Remix), which is a track that symbolizes his affiliation to the people of Poland and the city of Katowice. He played “Advanced” by Marcel Woods, and his own popular track, “The New World”. Markus also played a track, created with Jochen Miller, named “Rotunda”. I must say that I hadn’t heard such a beautiful melody for a long time! Very interesting also was “Koko Prutataaa” by Sander van Doorn vs. Afrojack & R3hab (First State Mashup).

At 40 minutes past midnight it was time for Above & Beyond – a legendary group in the history of trance music, with lots of fans around the world. At Transmission we saw a lot of people who were wearing the “Above and Beyond” logo t-shirts. Passionate fans indeed! I always remember A&B’s performances, which are very touching and emotional. We heard a lot of productions like “Filmic”, “Formula Rossa”, “Prelude”, “Sun In Your Eyes” and also tracks with the beautiful voice of Richard Bedford, namely: “On My Way To Heaven”, “Thing Called Love”, and “Sun & Moon”. The guys also played a great track by Mike Koglin & Genix called “Dyno”.

After their amazing set, Above & Beyond began broadcasting TRANSMIX – specially perpetrated for this night!!! It was 30 minutes the best of trance tracks!!! In this time we could hear a trance classic, namely `Traffic` by Tiesto and also good `Fly Away` by Vincent de Moor in Cosmic Gate Remix, `Airwave` by Rank 1 or `Superstring` by Cygnus X.

The next artist, who turned up behind the decks at 2:50am, was Ferry Corsten – a wonderful DJ from the Netherlands, and one of the pioneers of trance music. He began his set with “Feel it” which is a wonderful song and also my favorite. Ferry also played a big energy track, “Madagascar” by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Yves V & Angger Dimas. I couldn’t stop dancing! Ferry also played an older track, “Beautiful”, which inspired me to get into trance music a long time ago. A big surprise, of course positive, for me was “The Scientist” (Maarten de Jong Bootleg Mix) by the well known band Coldplay. It was great to hear this version and everyone seemed to love it as well. Ferry prepared an amazing set for us on this special night. He also played `Don`t Be Afraid` by Moonman with great vocals, which made this song one of my favorites of the night. Another track, which reminds me of good old times is `Silence` by Delerium – very touching with a wonderful melody and vocals. Ferry was indeed one of the most anticipated and favorites of the crowd.

Then the last DJ to play on this unforgettable night was John O`Callaghan – a great trance DJ and producer from Ireland. During his set we heard the well-known signature track with vocals from Sarah Howells, “Find Yourself”. He also played “Personal Jesus” by Depeche Mode (Eric Prydz Remix). Also “Exposure” by Gareth Emery, “In & Out Of Love” by Armin van Buuren, and “We Control The Sunlight” by Aly & Fila. I enjoyed his entire set, but my favorite track had to be “UR” by Wippenberg. It was 5:00am and there were still thousands of people dancing… what an awesome sight!

At 6am Transmission 2011 went down in history, and everyone had a great time! For me it was a fantastic and unforgettable night. I want to thank United Music Agency for a well organized event and Dance Therapy for the accreditation to cover such an amazing party and the opportunity to be a part of it!

I hope to see you all at Transmission 2012!




Photos: Photographer Marcin Żytecki for EDMNYC/EDMPOL.

Review: Monika Kołodziej for EDMNYC/EDMPOL





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